About Us

Agriculture is world’s largest progressing industry. Technology revolution in this industry carries various corporates across the globe from one part to another. Hunting for huge range of products, it is difficult for solo company to give overall competent services to valuable customers. To combat this situation, reputed companies opt services from well established toll manufacturing partners.

Baroda Agro Chemicals Ltd (BACL) is a professional company, gives competent service by proving the best toll
manufacturing platform, where we work for mutual benefits. Since 1996, we have been engaged in toll manufacture of
agro-chemical inputs.

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Product Categories

Crop Protection
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides

  • Plant Nutrients
  • Plant Protection

Micro Irrigation
  • Flat Drip
  • Round Drip
  • Sprinklers
  • HDPE/ PVC Pipe

Our Business

Agrochemicals business

  • Baroda Agro Chemicals Limited:
    • Insecticides/ Fungicides Formulations & Contract Manufacturing
    • Insecticides/ Fungicides Research and Development
    • Insecticides/ Fungicides Supply on P-to-P basis
  • Ravi Plant Biotechnologies Limited:
    • Herbicides Formulations & Contract Manufacturing
    • Herbicides Research and Development
    • Herbicides Supply on P-to-P basis
  • International Business

Sustainable Agriculture input

  • Biotechnology Products
    • Microbes and Non-microbes based natural products
  • KEESEN Crop Management (a unit of Ravi Plant Biotechnologies Limited)
    • Micro Irrigation Systems (Drip Irrigation, Sprinklers, HDPE Pipes)