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BARODA AGRO CHEMICALS LIMITED (BACL) was incorporated in 1996 and created small pesticides formulation unit near Baroda with a capacity of 2 KL per day EC formulation and packing.

Now, with two decades of experience, BACL have Pesticides formulation and packing facilities with more than 350 KL/MT capacity per day with wide range of formulations, like Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC), Dusting Powders (DP), Granules (G), Wettable Powders (WP) / Soluble Powders (SP), to modern formulations like Suspension Concentrates (SC) / Flowables Slurries (FS) , Water

  • Baroda Agro Chemicals Ltd

  • Ravi Plant Biotechnologies Ltd.

  • Keesen Crop Management

Disbursable Granules (WDG) / Dry Flowables (DF) / Soluble Granules (SG) and the latest formulation like Micro Encapsulation Suspension (CS) which can be packed in any type of packs and different sizes. The BACL Group is divided on basis of the type of business. BACL produces Insecticides, Fungicides, Bio-fertilizers etc. and its sister company, RAVI PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGIES LTD (RPBL) produces only Herbicides.

With the changing times towards technological advancement in Indian Agriculture and with an ambition of faster growth, the group decided to spread its footprints in to Micro Irrigation Business, namely, "KEESEN CROP MANAGEMENT".

Group of Companies

Baroda Agro Chemicals Ltd

  • Incorporated in 1996
  • Manufacturing Insecticides, Fungicides and Growth Promoting Products
  • ISO 9001 : 2008, 14001 : 2004 & OHSAS 18001 : 2007 certified

Ravi Plant Biotechnologies Ltd.

  • Incorporated in 2004
  • Manufacturing only Herbicides Products
  • ISO certification under process

Keesen Crop Management

  • Incorporated in 2013
  • Manufacturing of Drip Irrigation System
  • ISO certification under process