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  • QC Division:
    • Quality is a fundamental value that we instilled in all our Team members, which reinforces our commitment to our customers. All products pass through required tests backed by quality systems that ensure compliance with domestic and international standards.
    • Quality Policy:

      • To Achieve and Enhance Customer Satisfaction we are committed to provide quality product and service on time.
      • Manufacture products through processes developed using in-house research and development.
      • To continually Evaluate and Improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by establishing and reviewing.
    • QC Lab:

      We have qualified and trained professionals working in the lab and plants round the clock.
    • Activities:

      • Analysis of all input materials and finished goods
      • Developing new testing methods
      • Contamination prevention check
      • Supporting Production Team
      • Online and Pre-Dispatch quality check
    • We have following equipment and infrastructure required to ensure best Quality

      Sr. No. Instrument Nos.
      1 Gas Chromatographs 1
      2 High Performance Liquid Chromatographs 5
      3 Particle Size Analyser 1
      4 Viscosity Meter 1
      5 Karl Fisher Titrator 1
      6 Attrition Tester 1
      7 Ultra Sonicator 1
      8 Busting strength analyser 1
  • Bio-Crop Division:
    • Baroda Agro Chemical Limited provides complete solution for sustainable agriculture under one roof.
    • Our capabilities for microbial and non-microbial based bio-products are as follows:
    • Research and Development
    • Quality Check
    • Production
    • Formulation
    • Packaging
    • Formulation Techniques:

      • Liquid
      • Solid
      • Wettable (Wettable powder)
      • WDG (Wettable dispersal granules)
      • Coated granules
      • Soft beads

      We are flooded with following equipment to ensure best Quality for our Bio-products

      Sr. No. Lab Instruments
      1 Laminar air flow
      2 BOD Shaker incubator
      3 Fermenter
      4 BOD incubator
      5 Shaker
      6 Stereomicroscope
      7 Compound Microscope with camera
      8 Centrifuge
      9 Autoclave
      10 Deep fridge (-20° C)
      11 Halogen Moisture Analyser
      12 Variable Micropipettes
      13 pH meter
      14 Fridge
      15 Weighing balance
      16 Magnetic stirrer
      17 Colony counter
      18 Water bath
      19 Hot air Oven
      20 Cyclomixture (Vortex)
      21 Microwave Oven
      22 BIS sieves
  • R&D Support:
    • Our pilot lab is capable for equalizing our customers’ quality standards by our research and development expertise.


    • Formulation of small scale batch for new chemical or biological product
    • Rigorous working on product performance
    • Formulation Techniques:

      • Liquid
      • Solid
      • Wettable Powder
      • Wettable Dispersal Granules
      • Coated granules

      New product formulation and development are supported in our facility by the following -

      Sr. No. Lab Instruments
      1 Jet mill
      2 Dough maker
      3 Extruders
      4 Fluid bed dryer
      5 Fluid bed processor
      6 Pan granulator
      7 Water purifier
      8 Nauta mixer
      9 SC mill
      10 Oven
      11 Stirrer
      12 Vacuum pump
    We can produce as small as 500 Grams batch and up to 10 Kgs batches to support our customers for Field Samples and data generation.