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  • BACL is committed to provide and maintain all its employees safe & sustainable work place with necessary safety gadgets and ensure safe working methods all the time.
  • It shall be the constant endeavor of the company to ensure that the surrounding environment is not endangered while carrying out its business operations.
  • Every employee shall observe safety rules and regulation at all the times. He/she adopt safe and appropriate procedure during performing his/her duty.
  • Company will impart necessary training to all its employees and will make them aware about how to perform their duties safety and effectively.
  • Every employee will assume self responsibility, take active part and extended fullest co-operation in maintaining and improving safety standards.
  • Ensuring safety and preservation of any damage or injury to plant or person shall be the prime responsibility at all supervisory and managerial levels. This shall also be one of the key measures to evaluate their work effectiveness.
  • BACL will indulge knowledge for safety & health consciousness among all employees and contractors.


  • Institutionalize and promote pollution prevention practice by implementing best operating practices.
  • Optimize consumption of resources especially electricity and water.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legal and other requirements.
  • Promote and enhance respect and necessary skills for environment preservation among our employees by effective training and involvement.
  • Maintain the good standards of visual appearance, cleanliness and tidiness of our building by good housekeeping.
  • Take into consideration of environmental issues when designing new product/ new formulation.
  • To develop green belt on the periphery of company and within the premise.


  • To Achieve and Enhance Customer Satisfaction we are committed to provide quality product and service on time.
  • Manufacture products through processes developed using in-house research and development.
  • To continually Evaluate and Improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by establishing and reviewing.


  • BARODA AGRO CHEMICALS LIMITED is sincerely committed to prevent cross contamination of products in line with standards and requirements of its customers, who are global leaders in Crop Protection Business.


  • Quality unit independent authority for approval / rejection of material (Raw material/Intermediate/ Finished product)
  • Final authority to release the batch for market distribution
  • Implement and monitor the Quality Systems
  • Document review and control
  • Internal audit
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Equipment/ Facility qualification
  • Provide trainings on Quality System


  • Analysis of Raw material, Intermediates, Finished products and approval
  • Stability testing
  • Analytical method validations
  • Support to Regulatory department and customers
  • Internal audit
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Equipment/ Facility qualification
  • Provide trainings on Quality System


  • Level of Separation as per Customer's CP Policy
  • Appointed CP Leader at BACL Site with Roles & Responsibilities
  • Every change-over is approved by CP Leader with proper verification process
  • Every Month CP Audit is conducted by a pool of Auditors
  • All portable tools have Colour code of the Product to prevent contamination
  • Single Point Kaizen implemented for continuous improvements
  • Regular CP Training is done by CP Leader
  • Separated glass-ware for I&F and Herbicides Products with colour coding
  • Efficient system in place to prevent contamination from man-movement
  • Robust quality verification protocol in place in case of equipment sharing (currently system is not required)


  • Maintaining compliance and obtaining product approvals within the time frame has always been the goal of BACL which is consistent with EHS policy of "Complying with relevant standards on environment and Occupational health and safety".
  • BACL has a dedicated team of Regulatory and scientific experts to assist in obtaining product approvals and implementing systems to ensure compliance with the myriad of global Pesticides regulations.
  • Our Regulatory teams are well trained to take care of Agrochemical Technical & Formulation registrations too , Locally & also across the Globe.
  • Manufacturing site's audited by top MNC companies without any critical and major non-conformances
  • Manufacturing sites got accreditation of ISO 9001: 2008, 14001: 2004 & OHSAS 18001: 2007